Dude, looks like a lady.

Rob managed to drag his butt out of bed and join me around 3:30 where we continued our Chu-Hi & tunes. He had a FOF (friend of a friend) playing in a band in a nearby park and so we decided to mellow on the grass until the Rocking began.

We listened to a very cool Irish Folk band consisting of University students playing banjo, mandolin, guitar and cello. Unfortunately, the lead singer's pronunciation was nigh un illegible but the instruments were brilliant. The birthday girl, Mayu arrived with her sister and at their request, I performed an Irish jig for them (take my word for it, you didn't miss much.)

We moved on when another similar but much older Irish Folk band showed up, but not before hearing the "Astro-Boy" theme played.

The FOF called "さすかいやー" (or Sasukaiya...and no I don't know what it means either) started off with an Aerosmith tune and were surprisingly excellent. Then came "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers and something by BTO.

I thoroughly enjoyed their Rocking and got my pic taken with the lead.

This guy is the drummer from our pals, Monkey Majik and he really liked the Chu-hi that I gave him.

I stuck around for the over-crowded and over-rated finale, but as usual it sucked. I fully expected an "Attention K-mart Shoppers" announcement to interrupt the Muzac they played.

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