Get your rocks off!

This was a mantra employed by Dr. Janov and his associates this evening to whip his followers into a frenzy. I thought it odd that instead of lecturing, the good Doctor sang his teachings and had companions playing drums, guitars or keyboards and had two big back up singers to accompany him. Though he has changed his modus operandi since the 70's, it certainly seemed to do its job. He spoke/ sang to a packed house of young people, all of whom really got into his speech and plunged their fists into the air, jumped up and down and screamed their lungs out. No knocking the guy's methods, he spoke for 2 hours and the crowd screamed the whole time and even asked for more.

Definitely an intriguing way to spend the evening and the catharctic effect upon the masses left everyone feeling much better.
Primal Scream Therapy WORKS!

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