May I introduce to you, the one and only...

RINA. Okay, so she's not Billy Shears, but the latest edition to the Echo gang is a cutie-patootie and her set was ok (a little too "Dance Music" for my tastes) and once she gets used to the gig, she'll be smoking.

And of course, we have the ever fabulous, DJ Mokugohan. Why Mokugohan"/ 蒙古斑, you may ask? Well it's known in ancient dictionaries as a "Mongolian spot/or "Blue spot", but we would refer to it as a birthmark that shows up on most Asian babies (Japanese in particular). It usually occurs right around the coccyx at the end of an infant's spine and often disappears within a few years. Alex liked the term and stole it for his moniker.

And finally we have the "never more beautiful", KUNI, who once again wowed the crowd with her set.

Oh yeah, we also had DJs Mixture, Masa, Tono, Kojima and J-Loop, but I didn't get their photos this time.

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