Happy Birthday to Mayu!

I had an invitation to a birthday party at 7:00 for a friend of Canuck-Rob and while wandering around, met Rob and another friend at 6:00. So I finally had someone to chat with and we caught the dregs of the night. The finale at the main stage gets really crowded and it's not worth attending if you don't want to stay all night.

So we caught this cool Steel Drum band of high school kids playing Calypso and Bossa Nova and listened to them until rendezvous time. This is a wacky photo taken of them.

There were about 30 people and most knew each other, but a trio of kids knew me in a previous lifetime. Yes, this is where I met 3 more ex-Tokiwagi gals. Mutsumi spent a year in Canada on an exchange program and is thus quite adept at my mother tongue. She's shown up to a few Echo events and works for one of the Electric companies in town. She is an ex-coworker of Mayu.

Next we have Emi and Ayumi. I don't believe I ever taught Ayumi but I remember Emi and I ran into her at a Yamaya store awhile back. She has definitely not progressed very far in English.

The birthday girl, Mayu, invited a sister, a sister-in-law, a niece and many friends and colleagues. We all got dutifully wasted on an all-you-can-drink/eat but I must say that the food, though yummy, was neither filling nor plentiful. In all humbleness (and Rob can back me up on this), I had our corner in stitches throughout with my repetoire of オヤジーガッグ (Oyaji-gaggu )or "Old man's jokes." I belted out Happy Birthday with the gang and left to catch the last bus home. I was a little pooped after a full day on minimal sleep but I managed to grab a phone # of one of the attendees before I left. We shall see where that leads...

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