Actually I went to a restaurant called Syu Syu Syu Shuhei near Itsutsubashi station with Frenchman Mike and his visiting sister-in-law (Florence) and her husband. Very nice people and it gave me a chance to butcher the French language with my High School pidgin-French.

I've been to this place twice before and since the menus are not very gaijin-friendly, I had to order via memory of cool stuff I'd eaten before. I was not disappointed. We started with some complementary tofu, then they scorched some Sashimi with a portable blowtorch! An amazing display and the taste was almost surpassed by the olfactory sensation provided.

This was followed up by a heaping salad and then we had some karage-chicken that was just mouth-watering.

This was all topped off with some Sake served from a bamboo shoot-caraffe and served in mini-bamboo shot glasses. Delicious and potent.

Highly recommended and worth hunting down. Try:
022-261-8839 or Shu-hei
in order to figure out how to get there. It's very near Itsutsubashi Station and expect a 10-30 minute wait...but it's worth it!

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