Batter up!

Yesterday, was a treat. A beautiful day and cancelled classes to go watch our sister school's boys' baseball team play in the semi-finals of the High School playoffs. This series is MORE popular than regular season and American baseball combined, but the game I watched won't be winning any awards. Our team really shone in the first inning and quickly led 2-0. Unfortunately, that was the end of their aggressiveness and they switched from offense to defense. The other teamed tied it up thanks to runs in the 5th and 6th innings and won overall due to an error in the 10th inning. I (unbiasedly of course) feel that the Umps were favouring the opponents in many of the close calls at base-running. Ah well, it was a gorgeous day (better than most of the summer) and the students and fellow teachers enjoyed a day off from classes.
Better luck next year.

(Note: Photos have been expunged.)

My favourite part of the game was espying this sign to beware of foul balls. Ouch!

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