It's that time of the month.

Time for the latest Echophonyk event. This month will have a Jazzy theme thanks to the Jozenji Dori Street Jazz Festival on Sep 9-10.
So come out tomorrow for "Jazzophonyk" starring DJ's Mokugohan, Mixture, Dita, Masa, Take, J-Loop and Kojima with VJ Ham.

If you want to come out to Shaft tomorrow, it'll cost you 1500 yen with 1 drink, but if you show the attached flyer, you'll get an extra drink.
Now, this is a big secret (like that's possible on the net...duh), but if you call up ME or email me at: aoxoltl @ hotmail.com I can get you in for a BIG discount. But tickets are going fast!

ps. if you ever need some Shaft info, check out Shaft and for more thrills about Echophonyk, go to Echo.

This promises to be a wild and wacky weekend full of good tunes and a little imbibing. Stay tuned for updates.

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