Further investigation into the death of Steve Irwin.

Stingrays or Dasyatidae are a family of rays, cartilaginous marine fishes. Dasyatids swim with a "flying" motion, propelled by motion of their large pectoral wings (commonly mistaken as "fins"). Their stinger is a razor-sharp, barbed or serrated cartilaginous spine which grows from the ray's whip-like tail. It is coated with a toxic venom. This gives them their common name of stingrays, but that name can also be used to refer to any poisonous ray.

Fatal stings can occur if a stinger punctures the heart or chest, causing complications due to both the sting's location and the poison in the barbs. This is what possibly happened with the Croc-hunter. They aren't normally aggressive, but will attack if provoked. Hmmmm, what are the chances that Steve might have irked it a bit?

Or was it...
my buddy Mark? He was recently on a vacation in the Maldives and during a scuba dive, encountered this Pacific Manta. Now Mark has an alibi, but does his friend here???

This handsome fellow is Lord Titan, the nemesis of WASP (the good guys) on Stingray. Stingray was created by the renowned Gerry Anderson, who went on to create Thunderbirds. Originally shown in 1964, it was the first British television series to be filmed in colour. It was first transmitted in black and white, as colour TV didn't start until 1967 in Britain!

Or could it be Dr. Walter Newell, better known to comic geeks as "Stingray", friend of Sub-Mariner and former Avenger. Maybe Steve tried to shove his thumb up the good Doctor's butt.

Or maybe a cover-up, it was the ... Sting Ray torpedo, a British acoustic homing light-weight torpedo. Or perhaps Stingray Timmins on the Aussie soap opera "Neighbours". I'm sure they'd crossed paths once or twice.

I won't conjecture on the Corvette Stingray or the Stingray bicycle by Schwinn. I'll stick to possible oceanographic speculation for now. (I hope it wasn't his kid, trying to get back at dad for almost feeding him to a croc!)

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