The Tokiwagi Connection!

Surprisingly I bumped into almost none of my Seiwa students or co-workers. I did meet one of last year's crop at the finale and I also saw one of the History teachers oot&aboot.

But I saw lots of Tokiwagi students, past and present. This is not too surprising as Tokiwagi has a HUGE music program with several of its graduates going on to bigger and better things musically. They played at the main stage (I was given faulty directions, so I came late) and it got so crowded that they needed to bring in the crowd control barriers earlier than usual. They played a good swing set, but I couldn't see them at all. Beforehand, I had bumped into the former principal (now retired) who was escorting around their present exchange student from Alberta.

I also ran into one of my more boisterous ex-students from there, named Chiaki, who is very heavily into the alternative scene in Sendai, playing drums, DJing or singing at various events, many of which I have seen. We chatted and she may do an Echo gig for us in November. I would have leeched onto her but she was on her way to a studio for another rehearsal. Busy girl, that one.

I also met 3 more ex-students at a birthday party later that night, but I'll chat about them in another post. I did see for sale (at my cucumber booth) some cute little figures of Tokiwagi girls in their Sailor outfits and would have bought one were he not asking 3000 yen! The only people who buy these (at a much more reasonable 1200 yen, whereever fine pervs shop) are former students and those of a pederastic nature.

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