"Star Trek XII: So Very Tired."

The Deadly Years is one of those episodes that I could never quite get into. When it first came out, I was just a wee lad of 8 or 9 so I couldn't relate to characters getting old and feeble. I never had any grandparents and the only old people I ever really met were at church and easy to ignore. Now when I watch it, I can really relate since I'm about the same age as Kirk.

The Simpsons did a wonderful Star Trek parody called "Star Trek XII: So Very Tired." An aging Captain Kirk remarks, "Had trouble sleeping last night; my hiatal hernia is acting up. The ship is drafty and damp. I complain, but nobody listens." In engineering, Scotty has become so portly he cannot "give 'er full power".

So instead of watching this episode, I cooked and ate my dinner.

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