Frogs and Kittens.

There are innumerable places to chow down at this event. All manners of meat on a stick, fries, octopus balls (who knew they were testicular?), fishy delights, and what I liked was this pickled cucumber. Now it's not quite a "Pickle" but it is a vinegar enhanced cuke or キュウリ (kyuri). As a bonus, it was sold by a very cute girl dressed as a frog or カエル (kaeru ) for you bilingual wannabees.

Even I with my love of Jazzy and Bluesy tunes cannot keep my interest peaked for 6 hours straight. And since none of my friends showed up I had to occupy my time somehow. So off to the arcade to play some "Star Wars Pinball". I've been doing poorly at this game ever since they moved its location. I think the balance is off. That day was no different. So on my way out, I indulged in some UFO catcher. (I've been cutting down a lot and have rarely played over the last 3 months.) I managed to snag this very cool Hello Kitty bag. It now proudly holds all my worldly goods.

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