The Road to Eden is paved with good intentions.

In some kind of weird parallel universe way, the head cold that I have acquired is turning out to be a blessing in disguise. Since I haven't made plans to go anywhere anyway this head cold ain't that inconvenient. But to sew my cloud with a silver lining, along comes a Star Trek marathon in honour of the 40th anniversary of ST's debut!

So far I've seen the first one where they go back in time (Tomorrow is Yesterday) and Part 1 of the Menagerie. The rest are a mystery, they're counting them down as viewer picks 13th...1st favourite. So much for getting any work done. AHHHH geek heaven...

News flash: the next episode has started and it is not (as one would logically assume) the follow-up to the Menagerie, rather it is the one where Kirk is split into two entities: Weak & Strong Kirk. (The Enemy Within)
"must...return...to ...TV...now..." I quote in my cheesiest Kirk impersonation.

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