I don't like Wednesdays. Tell me why...

Well, another shooting incident in an educational facility, this time in Montreal. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, but this isn't the first time this has happened.

We're #1! Canada beat Columbine by several years. Way back in May 1975, Michael Slobodian, 16, kills a teacher and a student and wounds 13 others before turning the gun on himself at Centennial Secondary High School in Brampton, Ont. It just so happens that I was in Grade 11 at the time and the incident occurred at our rival High School (the one where Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall fame attended...probably no connection). The local radio station CHIC AM, Brampton's home station blared out the news every few minutes, panicking our school by stating that though details are sketchy, the perpetrator may be heading to other schools. We all got to go home and thus catch up on our afternoon cartoons early.

My father who was a Father (Anglican Minister) had to preside over the funerals of the two victims (not the offender) and it was one of the few times I'd ever seen him choked up and at a loss for words.

I suspect these incidents will continue until they enforce stricter gun controls and stop the influx of weapons from our Southern neighbours. Either that or arm the Vice Principal.

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