Animal cruelty.

Japanese people love dogs. Now not big burly dogs, but little yappy things and they love to show them off. Over the course of the 2 days, I saw all manner of canines but most of them were this little rat-dogs or wiener dogs. They're just the right size for punting, but because they're on a leash, you couldn't score the conversion easily. This festival is huge with several hundred thousand people converging on an 8-block area but for some reason, people think it's a good idea to submit a little pooch to this environment. It's very noisy and I don't think dogs have acquired the ability to discern between good and bad music. It is very smelly, with many odours of delicious meat wafting through the air putting little pups into a feeding frenzy frame of mind. And of course, there's lots of other dogs, but no room to do a proper sniff, leaving them as frustrated as me when I leave my Cell phone at home...no way to check my messages.

My advice to pet owners is to leave the little panting pedigree pups at home. Take them around the neighbourhood when you get home, but don't inflict a sensory overload upon them.

Now having finished my soapbox speech, here are some pics of the pups. Here are Daisy デジー and Karen カレン, the chihuahua (rat-dog) and the dachshund respectively. I was introduced to them and I must admit that they were quite cute (but I so much wanted to punt the rat-dog.)

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