Can Kaibutsu-Kun Throw a Ninja Star?


Today's story isn't Ninja related but I needed a link to a group I've just discovered. (Thanks to Liverpudlian Andy.) グニャグニャ怪物ネンドラー (Gunya Gunya Kaibutsu Nendora). Gunya Gunya means squishy and when you look at the story, you can see why. The group I've discovered is called Frank Chickens and they're a punky Devoesque group from the 80s. Here's the Wikipedia entry on Frank Chickens and their official website. 

What I'll do is place a video between each page. Well worth checking them out, especially the top one!

We are Ninja

Blue Canary

Fujiyama Mama

Cheeba Cheeba Chimpara

Shellfish Bamboo

Yellow Detective

Madam Fatal

We are Frank Chickens

 One Million Hamburgers


I have a few more videos so here is today's Candy. Once again, it isn't actually Candy, rather it's a Fruits Candy Air Freshener!
 Live at a Japanese Matsuri

Finally, today's toy is rather fitting. It kind of looks like a Ninja Bumblebee Cat.
My Husband is a Spaceman

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