It's Bat-Kun.

Early in the month I was to switch schools, but before I did so, the stay at the former schools was postponed by a week. Therefore, since I'd wrapped everything up previously, I jumped the gun and gave some impromptu Halloween lessons. Label the skeleton's body parts and pin the nose on the Jack-o'-lantern went over well. At the end of the class, the kids were asked to draw a face on the pumpkin. Here are the results.

(The reason my fingers are in the pic is because I'm covering the child's name to protect the innocent.)

Of course, there are some minions. The movie had just been released.

I happened to scam a small pumpkin from a flower shop and I had four of the kids draw a face in erasable ink. Much to my chagrin, the faces were permanent and the visages couldn't be wiped off.

A good bunch of kids, I'll miss 'em.

Today's toy is not a Toy Story toy for that promotion had ended at the 7-11 I went to. They'd already started the next one, Fist of the North Star. I remember reading the comic book adaptation of the manga back in the 90s and it was good stuff. I landed a pair of coasters!

 Today Kaibutsu-Kun and Dracula meet Black Bat.

Today's candy features a Bat-mask. Just a handful of pumpkin-chocolate squares with a cut out mask on the package.

More tomorrow...

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