Stylish At Stylus.

Here are some of the pics of peoples at Saturday's parties.
Today, the Work-related gang at a small but comfortable restaurant/mini-club called Stylus. The winners of Funniest, most Horrific, Sexiest, Lamest, and Best Gal and Best Guy.

What follows are random photos of the rest of the gang, starting with the host of the gig.

That last guy is James Bond, kudos to he, Tracy and another who joined us at Ernie's* afterwards.

 Here are a couple of pumpkins from today's Grade 1s. Not as off the wall as the Grade 3s but there is some potential here...

Today's Kaibutsu Kun is really long, so I'm just going to show the first and last pages. Chances are no one will miss the entire story. A Giant Kaiju-Penguin attacks!

Tonight's snack was actually tonight's dinner, a bit of Halloween Pasta! YUMMY!!

* Pics of Ernie's Party tomorrow!!

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