The Dead Kun Rise!

I think I picked up one or two of these capsules two years ago but they're hidden in a box somewhere, so I was pleased when I found a full set.

Kitty-Chan and her friends, キティ (Kitty), ミミィ(Mimi), トレーシー(Tracy), ティッピー(Tippy). フィーフィー(Fifi),  ジョーイ(Joey) and モーリー(Morrie) look perfectly sweet from the reverse.

Until they turn around and you see that we have been attacked by a Zombie Horde!

Surprisingly, I've never seen Plague of the Zombies. I'll need to rectify that.

Once the Zombies attack we don't need to worry for our animal friends can always help out.

Speaking of The Zombies are up for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Either them or KISS would be okay by me.

There is a really cool hoard of Walking Dead artwork you can check out. The 4th season finally premieres here on Saturday. I know where I'll be that night!

I don't have a story where Kaibutsu-Kun meets a zombie per se, so here he meets a Mummy which is close enough.

For the snack, I have a trio of choco on a stick. I bought these at a buck a pop only to see them  more expensive elsewhere. Woohoo!

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