Kun You Believe It!

I wonder if I can find 31 Kun puns to run the entire month.

Only Day 2 of the Countdown and I'm already going back on my word. I won't be able to jam as much as I'd intended into everyday, there just aren't enough hours on the clock. Besides, I saw Wolverine again. Woohoo!

While at Wolvie, I got cast in a new movie, "The King of Gomennasai." (Gomen=Sorry) Do I look apologetic enough?

Here's cute little story number 1 from the 400 page manga. (It is really tough to bend the spine to make a proper copy of this book.)

怪物くん登場 (Kaibutsu-kun toujou) = The Debut of the Monster Kid.

Today's video link is part 1 of the Live-action Kaibutsu-Kun (I'm going to call him KK from now on.) I tried embedding it but it crashed my server. It's late and I can't bugger around with it anymore. If you want to watch it, please click here.

Here's today's toy. I bought several other goodies at the Cinema, but they'll have to wait for now.

Today's snack and toy is a box of Kitty-doughnuts from Mr. Donuts. You can choose 7 for 10 bucks. I got an ordinary pumpkin flavour, 2 strawberry ghosts, and 2 each of pumpkin and strawberry flavoured Kitty-chans.

It also includes a Kitty-toy! Alas, Alex's daughter stole it from me after I offered it to her. "It's yours if you'd like it. But if you don't, I'll keep it." I then innocently batted my eyelashes and put on a puppy-dog face. She still scammed it!

Stay tuned for more KK tomorrow!

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