Where Eagles Dare.

I never thought I'd let Sports get in the way of Halloween but our team, the Pacific League Champion Rakuten Eagles are in the middle of a World Konami Japan Final Series.We lost, we won, we won again big time and today we lost. So the game is tied at two games a piece!

What follows is my reaction to the fourth game.

I have another Halloween party tomorrow night and rather than listen to the live bands and partake in Devil's Night, I'm more interested in watching the fifth game of the series.

Here is the club I used to pummel the Giants' mascot senseless.

When they won the Pacific, I picked up a care package that included this bag, a towel and a mug. Not a bad deal for 3000.

My friend Kelly's mom's friend gave me a cool scarf the last time I went to the game with them. I used it to hang the mascot in effigy. I hope that'll bring us luck for tomorrow!

To bring this back to the Countdown to Halloween, here are some pumpkin pictures that my grade 1s drew.

Pretty creepy for 6-7 year olds. Speaking of pumpkins, I managed to get one carved last night. It's my first theme pumpkin instead of just a creepy face. I initially assumed it'd be Spider-Man but a friend pointed out it resembles Strongbad!

Stupid Giants game cut into my blogging time so I'll just show you some figures of Kaibutsu-Kun and friends.

Tonight's snack is not very Halloweeny but it is Eaglish. Some Rakuten Eagles senbei cracker.!

Tomorrow night is THE night. What with my party, another ballgame, work and occasionally sleeping, I'm not sure when it'll get posted. Hopefully tomorrow!!

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