It's My Mummy!

Hey cool, as of today I have had exactly 123,000 page views on this wacky little blog of mine! Even cooler than that is that even though the Rakuten Eagles lost to the Yomiuri Gi ass Giants in the first game of the final series, they came back today to win 2-1!! Woohoo!

To celebrate, Kaibutsu-Kun visits the Devil at a Giants game!

Yesterday I had two Halloween parties, one work-related and the Annual Party thrown by Alex and I. I bought a sheet, and some towels, tore them into strips and soaked them for a few hours in tea in order to age them. To get the tea smell out, I tossed them into the wash and this was a bit of an error. It took me a few hours to unravel all the loose threads. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

After much trial and error, I covered a fair part of my body in bandages but I'd run out of strips and needed to tear up a bath towel and an old shirt to have enough. It was near impossible to tie them on my arms without assistance and I'd run out of time to get to my party so I had to recruit a coworker to help me. This is my look before he aided me.

Quite the chubby mommy mummy.

I added a skull mask to spice it up a bit.

Once I had my arms and upper torso wrapped, I switched masks and added a snake and centipede. Unfortunately at the Work party, it wasn't scary enough to win Scariest Costume, that honour went to the host's wife. Okay, granted, her makeup was topnotch.

What follows are photos of me with a few of the patrons at Ernie's Bar. I'll showcase all of the costumes tomorrow...

 Ernie above and Alex below.

 Ah Kozue Lily, adorable as ever!

As for snacks, I provided some senbei and choco-pies for the patrons who dressed up.

More Costume pics tomorrow without me to mess up the picture!

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