Catch Me If You Kun.

Kaibutsu-Kun (KK) has a solo adventure where he meets a man and his soap bubbles in シャボン玉 の中のすてきな世界 (Shabon Dama no Naka no Suteki na Sekai) which roughly translates to Magic Soap Bubbles. If you click that, you'll float to a niconico page to view the anime (must become a member first) and includes the original comic cover.
Here's the story:

The villain starts off clownish and ends up devilish. I'm not sure what happens when you are captured in a soap bubble but it looks as though KK is stoned throughout!

Here's today's snack and man is it also disappointing. From the cover, I expected something Halloweeny. It wasn't though I ended up getting a cute bookmark and a stick of gum.

I popped by Mandai (nerd haven) in Tagajo with the hopes of landing some of the original comics but was thwarted in my effort. I did though land this figure that is supposed to flash. It doesn't. Good thing it was only a buck because it's pretty ugly otherwise.

From the movie pamphlet, there is a plethora of other goodies. I plan to pick up some of these when they go on sale, there's no way I'm spending full price on them. (Click the pic to Franken-size it.)

 Voila, Episode 3 of the live-action series. Enjoy:

kaibutsu kun e03 by maydreams

See you tomorrow when we'll feature a story of the Wolfman.

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