Rainbow Skeletons!

I had the joy of giving a Halloween lesson to a pair of Grade 3s today. I'm used to doing this on a small scale with wee ones but it worked well with a class of 25 too.

Start off with Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Have a metre long plastic skeleton handy for reference.
Give each kid a picture of a skeleton (with several body parts mentioned at the bottom of the page.)
Instruct them to colour in the arms with their crayon of choice.
Change colours and switch to another body part and eventually you have a colourful Rainbow Skeleton!
Oh yeah, since there are no ears on a skull, have them draw their own.

These are from a relatively mellow class. Guess which ones were drawn by girls and which by boys.

On the obverse of the skeleton is a pumpkin upon which they can draw a Jack o'Lantern face. Once again, which do you think are guys or gals?

The next class were uber-genki! The kids were very rambunctious and when miming monsters, they'd attack the teacher. Fortunately for me, the Japanese teacher was this roly-poly jolly guy that the kids ambushed instead of me. Their pictures reflect their enthusiasm!

Believe it or not, that last one is by a young lassie. She has automatically become my favourite student.

Just a short Kaibutsu-Kun today, they go hiking.

Today's treat is a choco-pumpkin!

As a special treat, have a Happy Halloween courtesy of Simon's Cat!

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