Happy Halloween!!

Yay, it's finally here, my favourite day of the year! (Hey, that rhymes.)

BUT I'm really busy so I don't know if I'll have time for a more substantial post tonight. Therefore, here is my all time favourite image of Halloween, Japan style.

I picked up this tapestry a few weeks back on my return trip from Yamagata at one of the Highway Omiyage stands. It was only 1000 yen and I love it! I have it hanging on my door as I exit every day and I think it'll become a permanent fixture.

I also received some surprise treats today. In today's school lunch, we received some カボチャのムース (Pumpkin Mousse) for dessert and surprisingly it was tasty.

I had to pop into head office and hand in a form and landed a KitKat that I'd never seen before. It was orange and caramel-flavoured and a pleasant surprise for one who's rarely on the receiving end of treats!

Dagnabit! I have to leave now to go to yet another Halloween Party at the Ha'Penny Bridge. There'll be bands and treats and I dunno what else. Oh yeah, hopefully the 5th game of the Eagles/Giants game!! Unfortunately both FOX and Cartoon Network have a Halloween special. Right now are a bunch of Bugs Bunny cartoons and I just saw one of my favourites.

Have a Hellish Halloween and I hope there will be some cool costumes tonight. (Mine promises to be very lame!)

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