The Meaning of Life.

I met up with buddy Alex yesterday to discuss our Halloween party on the 26th (at Ernie's Bar) and because he just turned 42. (See this post's title.)

No cake, but a few Halloweenish suckers for him though I'm sure they'll end up in others mouths.

The first present he received is a bit of a gag (well, a lot of a gag), I found this in the back of my closet and I had no desire to keep it, so he became the lucky recipient. The batteries don't work and apparently it's a little musty, so I suspect it'll make it's way to the gomi bin.

The present was this invertible sweatshirt with Heroes on the outside and Villains on the inside! I want one for myself now (but couldn't afford two.) Also a copy of Harvest Breed, a rather spooky Batman tale.

But the best present of all was more of a present for me! The game was on and we got to see the Rakuten Eagles win the Climax series (that sounds rude). Thus they'll be meeting the Giants next week for the final showdown. I hate it when the Giants win (not a fan is an understatement) so I REALLY want the Eagles to conquer them!

To celebrate, Alex got to haul his loot home in an Eagles/Darth bag!!

Today's Kaibutsu-Kun entry is the climax page of a Christmas story. A tad early for the Yuletide but it does have Presents!

Here's to a further 30 years of friendship, Alex!

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