For Goodness Sake.

UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Eagles won the Climax Series and will go on to meet the Giants (Booo) for the finals!!!

I happy to announce that our Baseball team, The Rakuten Eagles is the Pacific League champion and thus have entered into the semi-finals. I was lucky enough to see them play on Friday. Too bad they lost but they won previously so not yet a problem.

Nice full moon.
I was right behind the 3rd baseman on the ground level and thus we didn't get the cheap fare. Sure I had a few brews but for a change the gals have time to pose! I also ordered some Sake!

Even better, we were a stone's throw from the Golden Angels!

I really need to learn the lyrics to this:

Oh yeah, there was a ball game going on as well. My brother from another mother, AJ just before hitting his home run. We still lost, but it was closer.

This KK story sort of looks like there's a ball game going on if you include a tapir and dinosaurs!

Today's toy is a dino-egg, Godzilla, '62 and Varan the Unbelievable!

For a little more horror humour, try Mock the Week:

Yummy chocos!

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