Kibbitzing With Kaibutsu-Kun

Instead of a KK story today, here are several pinups of him and the gang. 

Here's a rather odd sheet of stickers that I received with some popcorn last time I went to the movies. The movie is called R-100 and it looks like a happy go lucky movie about the goings-on in a S and M establishment.

What it has to do with mame-shiba (these kind of bean-dogs) I'm not really sure but that site is rather disturbing as well. There are several videos (with subtitles) over here that offer up bits of trivial trivia.

It is directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto who premiered Big Man Japan a few years back at Cannes.

I don't really have a toy that can top that today so I'll skip straight to today's treat. How about some Koala-kookies and you can even make your own mask!

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