Put a Ringu on it.

We'll return to Kaibutsu-Kun on Monday.

I was going to do have Sadako Saturday*, but I've decided to split this into two posts.

First there was リング Ringu!

This manga is 700 pages long, so I'll present a few highlights.

 (Start with this clip and then find further clips yourself.)

Then there was Ringu 2.

Then Ringu 0. (Sorry no English.)

Then the American remake.

Today's snack includes these Panda heads because they're sort of Ringu-shaped.

 Ringu Pandas!

No Ringu-related toys today (lots of Sadako for tomorrow) so I'll show off the Toy Story prize I won today. It is a "G" prize so not rock bottom, but close. I'm disappointed in the lack of Halloween but the Stickers are rather nice. I can put the calender up on my fridge.

*Tomorrow is Sadako Sunday!!

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