Return of the Creature From the Black La-Kun.

Yesterday after travelling to 4 different places, I finally found what I needed to put the finishing touches on my costume. I happened to glance in the window of a Bike Shop and much to my surprise and joy was a Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball! I poked my head in and asked if I could play and the proprietor (a big biker-dude) moved to Hogs and then put 10 FREE games on the machine for me!

I filmed a bit of the game but it's hard to hold a camera in one hand and use that same hand to hit the flipper so the picture quality is fairly jerky.

This guy did a much better job and won a free game! My score was nowhere near that.

The bike shop had a lot of American paraphernalia that I would have loved to get my hands on. An Addams Family lunchbox, some Ratfink cars and this guy!

A few weeks back Kaibutsu-Kun met the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Here he and his pals have a return encounter.

The fine folks at Cartoon Research have a wonderful article on our pal, Kaibutsu-Kun. For those of you who don't like clicking, here are the videos I scammed from it.

Yesterday was also eventful for I managed to wrangle a pumpkin from my friends at Carl School and I took the orangest of the lot. Unfortunately, the underside is kind of grotty and green but I'll try and work that into the design somehow.

There were a half dozen to choose from one weighing over 43 kg!

This Kitty Choco is rather yummy though, I broke his ear off before I could chow down.

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