Toys Kun Come Alive!

I mentioned way back here about the new Trick or Toys gimmick at 7-11 and the couple that I'd won that date. Since then, I've bought 1-2 a day so I thought I'd catch you up on the goodies.

These are the ubiquitous "H" prizes. I have only received these two over and above the Buzz and Woody ones of which I have won 2-3 times! I am very pleased to have obtained Rex as a Witch but the other ones must be quite rare. The "Secret ?" one is rarest of all! (I'll bet it's an Alien.)

I'd already won a "G" prize before, some stickers but this time I've won three more and nabbed another sheet of stickers plus some cool Post-its!

I landed a few "F" prizes, テーブルウェア (tableware) which turn out to be a glass and a tumbler. Cute design.

I managed to get an "E" prize as well. This hoodie would definitely protect you from getting shot in Florida.

I'd be looking forward to the new TV Halloween special, Toy Story of Terror yet I fear that it won't reach Japan until Easter.

These two items are not from 7-11, rather from UFO Catcher. I love the Triceratops!

Today's treat is a cup of grape-filled Jello and you get to keep the cup! (Quite yummy but expensive. I'll wait until it goes half price to get another one.)

Just so you don't think I've forgotten about Kaibutsu-Kun, here he runs afoul of a Poltergeist!

This post is almost a day late. I ran out of time last night and was busy all day today. Hopefully I'll have another entry in a few hours...

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