Yes, We Kun!

My favourite gothic horror story is Frankenstein so it's no surprise that my favourite character in Kaibutsu-Kun's entourage is Franken.

A strap that came out when the movie did. I waited until it was half price. I wasn't going to pay 4 bucks.

Today's story is 怪物スター:フランケン Kaibutsu Star: Franken.

As you can see, Franken becomes a movie star and battles with a Kaiju but they seem to become friends in the end. 
Intriguingly along the bottom of each page are all the main supporting characters. Hey cool, Franken, Wolfman and Dracula have sons!

Franken in the movie is played by 최홍만 or Choi Hongman, a 7'2" South Korean Kick Boxer, Mixed Martial Artist and Ssireum wrestler.

No Franken related snack today, though he does show up on one of the Curry bowls I have.

I'm going to try and embed Episode One again. Let's see how it goes...

That seems to have worked, so here comes Ep. 2! (Sorry there's no English so if you can read the subtitles, you're way ahead of me!)

Tomorrow's story looks pretty wacky. Stay tuned...

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