It's Sadako Sunday!

I saw 山村 貞子 (Sadako Yamamura) in Sadako 3D 2 in 4D last month and since then I've collected a few related items which I'll showcase today. (Head to the bottom of the page for details on a CONTEST!)

I was really impressed with the 4D effects. "What is 4D?", you may ask. Once you download an App upon your iPhone, you can interact with the movie. When a telephone call is made, your phone vibrates and you can hear the other party speaking. Occasionally it is Sadako's screechy voice! When a murder takes place, you get notification on your phone with the names of the victims scrolling down. The freakiest part was when you catch the Sadako virus and ALL of your Contacts and Photos scroll at hyper-speed consequentially affecting yourself with the virus!

You've already seen some of the Sadako goods, such as this toilet paper (click the Sadako Label for more.) I'll show off the other stuff in-between videos.

Here is the trailer for 3D2:

But you should probably watch this trailer first. (Oops)
Last year, I saw Sadako's first movie outside of the Ringu franchise. In this one she hooks up with a Serial Killer or some such nonsense. Incomprehensible without subtitles but spooky nonetheless.

I have several Air Fresheners and iPhone cleaners that I won while going for the big prizes.

You know those Politeness Ads you get before a movie begins? This one is rather eerie.

Last Friday when I saw Wolverine, there were only a handful of items left in the Lucky Draw so I bought the remaining ones. I got several more of the E and D prizes above but also landed the C, B and A prizes! The C prize is a little Porcelain Sadako. Quite cute.

But then pop it open and what should you find?

Here's Sadako's first pitch in Tokyo last year.

The B prize is a lovely mug with Sadako's hand at the bottom. It should make my tea extra yummy.

I do wish I were in Harajuku last year, this truck would have been fun to follow.

I'd already won the top prize once before but one can always use an extra hand.

Once the original Sadako movie came out on dvd, she helped out in its production.

The main reason I bought up all the prizes is to win the special "Last One" that comes free when you purchase the last of the draw items. I doubt if I'll be very welcome on the Shinkansen when I use this as a pillow but I really like it!

No more goodies for now but here are a few more videos. This is a good one!

I truly must apologize for the following two videos:

Since I have some extra air fresheners and iPhone doodads, I'll offer them up here as a CONTEST! Comment on this post, share it and/or become a follower and I'll mail you one of these. (Someday. I'm notoriously bad at sending out these. But it'll be good and cheap to mail these.) Let me know which one you'd like! Good Luck!


Erick said...

I wouldn't mind an air freshener. I could give it to my son for Christmas (if it arrives in time). lol I follow you plus I shared your Facebook post.

Michael Jones said...

Since you're the only one who responded so far, you might just get two or three!


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