The Creature From The Black La-kun.

One of my favourite Universal Monsters is the Creature so this particular story is quite appealing to me. おいらはアマゾンの半魚人 (Oira wa Amazon Half-Fish Man). Even cooler, you can get it for your Kindle!

I have to alter from my usual path in order get my geek on. This model of the Enterprise D just came out in bookstores today and as with all Deagostini collections, the first one is cheap (5 bucks in this case) and subsequent models will be about 13 fizbins. It is so nice that I fear I'll have to get them all.

You not only get the model, but it also comes with Specs, Sketches and other Sheets.

There's some deal where you can win a Borg Cube. I'll have to get someone to help me out with that!

To get back to Halloween, here is the mostest awesomest prank I have ever seen. I don't know why they remade Carrie yet again but if spawns more videos like this, I'm all for it!

Finally, I had dinner with my galpal tonight and did some Halloween Candy shopping. In order to appease her chocoholic cravings, I picked her up a Wonka bar. Of course, had we received the Golden Ticket, I would have kept it for myself!

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