Kun You Fly?

I presided over a wedding yesterday for the first time in Yamagata.

All went well and afterwards, there was a festival going on, their version of the Yosakoi fest.

I ate a fish on a stick and I've had these before to great delight. This one wasn't quite as yummy for this one was preggers with about a thousand mini eggs inside. Oh, Roe is me.

As with every fest, there are games and I participated in a "Pick up the beans with chopsticks" and a Pet Bottle Bowling match. I managed to get 25 beans in a minute but it was about half as many as an old lady and a young lad. I did win a cool Clear File with the bowling (7/10 pins.)

Unlike Sendai's Yokasoi which just has troupes of dancers, Yamagata's parade includes troops of Samurai warriors!

There were some adults as well.

I made the next group of warriors chuckle when I asked if they were going to commit Seppuku. (They didn't.)

There were a few young lady cosplayers who joined in the fun.

Of the dozen or so groups of Samurai, these were my favourites.

There were also several portable shrines being hauled around. These 神輿 (Omikoshi) are pretty cool though the guy and gals carrying them seemed to be a little tipsy.

Check out the Phoenix at the top of this one and the intricate designs on the others.

Dig this crazy 生け花 (Ikebana) under ice!

Not much Halloween-related stuff there but I did take a few pics of ads and I bought some Pumpkin Rusk!

There is a Halloween parade there next weekend. Too bad I have other plans.

Since there was lots else in this post, today's Kaibutsu-Kun is really short. He's happy to be flying until the sky gets too crowded for his pleasure ride! (Click the pic to kaiju-size it!)

I had another wedding today and got up to a few hijinks in Sendai but its bedtime now.

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