Greetings and Sa-ru-tations.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the concert last night, including myself. I especially loved the keyboard solo (by Taka?) and subsequent Solo by Blaise, Happiness. I snapped this pic before the concert started and they'd banned photography thereafter.

After the concert, everyone snapped a picture of the lineup, so I had to do so as well. For those of you who can't read blurry prints, here is the lineup for you:

(The CD it's from is in brackets)
1. One Moment (eastview)
2. I like Pop (SPADE)
3. fly (fly)
4. All by myself (thank you)
5. Political behaviour (SPADE)
6. I was waiting (eastview)
7. Wait (SPADE)
8. Wish I (Lily)
9. Alright (Lily)
10. 5:30 (SPADE)
11. フタリ (フタリ=futari=two people)
12. Around the World (Around the World)
13. Falling (Around the World)
14. フミダスチカラ (SPADE)
15. Thank You (thank you)
16. Happiness (Happiness)
17. Turn (thank you)
18. MONKEY MAGIC (Monkey Magic = their new album)
19. illegible Japanese (sorry)

After considerable confusion in locating an after-party, we finally settled on this one restaurant with lots of room for drunken revelry. The organizer extaordinaire, (Mariko) currently works in ticket sales for Dralion (Cirque de Soleil outside of Japan) and two of the Muscovites joined us. Nice guys and if you'd like to learn how to say "Cheers" in Russian, try Nasdrovya.

I met the Deep Purple dude (Naobao) again.

Afterwards, Rob & I moved on to greener pastures, with some young pup named Nick. Nice enough kid, but by the end of the night became a pain in the behind. En route to 305, we had a bear-beer, yummy.

Around 3ish, I ditched my companions and went to Extra.

I stayed there and milked a beer until 7:30! I caught the first bus home, fell asleep and had to backtrack with a half-hour walk home! DOH!

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