Today is Mokugohan Mokuyobi (DJ Mokugohan aka Alex; Mokuyobi=Thursday) for the scurvy dog turns 40 today! When I first started hanging out with the guy, I was twice his age, now he's catching up to me.

To honour the celebration his four decades and because he has been complaining that this year's Countdown to Halloween hasn't been scary enough and too cutesy (a sentiment that I agree with, but you go with what material presents itself), here is The Raven as told by Richards Corben & Marcopoulos .

As part of the Vincentennial, you can hear the real thing...

So let's all wish Alex a Sappy Mirthday Happy Birthday and he doesn't want any presents this year but would ask that you donate a few bucks in his name to Japan's Earthquake Relief!

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