Partying In Earnest.

We had our little shindig last night at Ernies and though the turnout was less than spectacular, there was a goodly sum of folks imbibing which is good for Ern. The biggest disappointment would have to be the lack of costumes but those few who do arrive in fancy dress acquired a little stuffed Kitty-Kreature from me and there were KitKats aplenty to go around.

Suffice to say, the music & visuals by DJ Mokgohan (Alex), decorations by me and booze by Ernie gave the place a very contented vibe throughout the evening. It was pushing 4am when I arrived home

It wouldn't be a night at Ernies until I meet a loverly lass and last night was no exception. Ah the 3 little words one loves to hear, "Let's be friends" has now been upgraded to "Let's be Facebook friends."

I have two more parties on the Saturday to report upon but that is another story...

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