Finally Freaky Franken Friday.

It's been a while in coming but hopefully worth the wait. We all remember Kaibutsu-kun from the Boris Blogathon two years ago, don't we?

Since then, there has been a live treatment of the show and I must say it's pretty good, though a little too goofy for my taste. While randomly flipping channels, I came across it one night and snapped a few pics from off the tube.

Sigh...I finally have time to do a nice prolonged blog entry and stupid Blogger isn't letting upload my photos!
Only 15 hours later at 4 am, I'm able to do so!

What is very cool is that they got kickboxer, Choi Hong-man to play the role of Franken. At 2.18m (7 foot, 2 inches), he is quite the imposing figure!

The lead, Kaibutsu-kun is played by Satoshi Ohno of Arashi who also sing the theme song. That can be considered meh.

There's a movie version due out next month and from the trailer I saw, they pumped some more money into the budget and made it 3D but otherwise it may not be worth paying cold cash to see it.

7-11 conbini has a nice big banner outside promoting the movie but inside there are no goods whatsoever...gyp!

Lastly, here is Franken-Kitty in stuffed and solid venues. Since NOBODY responded to my Kitty-Kontest, I'm forced to give away my Kitty-Kreatures tonight at my party, but I'll keep a couple of Franken-Kitties back for any latecomers to the Kitty-Kreatures KONTEST.

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