Tim Burtony Tuesday.

No one loves Nightmare Before Christmas more than me (actually I'm sure that thousands of people love it more than me, the point is, I really do love the movie.) I watch it annually though this year my copy seems to have strayed from my shelf. I just bought the Blu-Ray for Alex's birthday so hopefully I can watch it there this season.

If there's one thing I like more than the movie, that would be the tons of merchandising crap that I've collected! Here's a sampling of the miniature items that were proudly displayed on my side table until the Big Quake of March 11th when all my toys were astrewn upon the floor and they ended up in a plastic bag...until now.

In no discernable order, here's the crap-sampling.

Inevitably some of the pieces (especially Jack) go astray and I'm left holding the bones.

Another installment of Wacky Witches Wednesday tomorrow...

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