Mars Attacks Mondays!

A rather gloomy day today kept me inside tidying and watching the YouTube all day. For the Vincentennial, I caught Poe's The Oblong Box (Read it!) which I'd never seen before; a little dull but anything with Christopher Lee and Vincent Price is always worth a view.

Then I watched Planet Hulk which was a really nice tale. I'd never read the comics so I had nothing to compare it to except Gladiator.

Then I caught Invaders from Mars (not the remake), which I haven't seen in years.

Afterwards it reminded me of a magazine I came across while tidying. I've written about Mars Attacks before, and I don't think I've ever shown these rather risque pics here are a few more as well from Femme Fatale Magazine .

I also uncovered a Japanese issue of Fangoria that I didn't know I had!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Tim Burtony goodness...

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