Thursday's Entralling Thriller!

I realized that I've had entirely too much cutsie Halloween tidbits over the last week, so here is something in a more sinister vein. (Besides, I'm not feeling well and I don't feel like taking the time to upload pictures.)

Here is part one of Spider-Man-Woman:

(A brief commercial message:) Why is there a container of Halloween candies sitting on my windowsill next to Atomu? Because it isn't candy at all but an air freshener with the pleasant odour of Halloween candy!

Yet another reason why I hate Elmo. He doesn't know the difference between a pumpkin and a squash! Capybaras, on the other hand, ROCK!

You may have heard me complain in the past about Halloween getting shunted aside to make way for Christmas. It usually happens around October 25th, 2 months before. The other day though, I was in a UFO Catcher looking for goodies to blog about and sure enough, they were putting out the Xmas crap already. To their credit, they had both the Halloween and Christmas characters side-by-side so you could try for either one, but why-oh-why do they have to put it out so early?

Did you enjoy Japan's version of Spiderwoman? Here she meets Sherlock Holmes!

I did this post specifically to frighten the arachnaphobic Frog Queen whose annual Haunt is heating up this fall. Check it out why don't you and while you're at it, try this little game on the back of this Frog-witch cheesies package. Which of these two croakers are the same?

This Spiderwoman includes a Mummy!

That's no way to treat a Spider-Lady!

Tomorrow it's Funky Franken-Friday!

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