Skeletal Sunday.

I had a work related function last night that cut into my blogging time and my brain cell count but I did get a cool pic from it. About 50 staff & student were enjoying themselves in the restaurant when a couple of Cigarette-girls wandered in hawking their wares. I couldn't snap a clear pic of the gals, but I did get a pic of their free samples.

Here is a Hello Kitty-chan that has undergone a rather severe diet and turned skeleton.

Today's GeGeGe card is the タンコロリン Tankororin who grows from persimmons (not skeletal, but it is skull-like.)

Prior to the big earthquake, I had figures on all of my walls and all of them were flung to the ground...except for this small section of my apartment. I know where I'll be standing if there's another big one. Thanks for the heads-up Jack.

Althought the character on today's snack, ポテコ
Poteko (ポテトリングスナック potato ring snack) is a witch and not boney, when placed on your hand, they're kind of skeletal looking.

I watched this before I passed out fell asleep last night and though it's not skeletal in nature, it is eerie. That chanting always freaks me out.

Finally, a new character ホラーマン, Horrorman has been added to the Anpanman repetoire. He doesn't seem all that horrific to me.

I like his theme song, The Horrorman Cha-cha-cha!

I would love to get my hands on his costume...

Here's an entire episode for you:

Stay tuned for Monster Mondays tomorrow...


Shawn Robare said...

Oh man, Horrorman is awesome!

Michael Jones said...

Isn't he great?!? There's a new Anpanman Museum in town that I've been wanting to check out. Hopefully I can nab some Horrorman goodies.


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