Oh Boy, Obake!

Today on Spectral Saturdays, I thought I'd check out the Japanese word for Ghost which is お化け or obake. Literally, the term means a thing that changes, referring to a state of transformation or shapeshifting. In today's definition, we're going to go with "Changeling".

I saw George C. Scott in "The Changeling" way back in 1980 and I haven't seen it since. It freaked me out then and it's held up well but watching it in 11 parts on Youtube (with a very irritating "Created with a Non-activated version" wavering in the middle of the screen every 5 minutes) diminished its freak-out capacity. Feel free to watch it starting with part 1 but if you can find it elsewhere, I'd encourage you to do so.

aside: I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Scott in '99 when he was filming Rocky Marciano and I was an extra on the set. He staggered in (looking the worse for wear under the influence of something, probably medication), delivered his lines magnificently and then staggered out. He was probably there for about an hour, but his voice was terrific. That was one of his last film roles and it was my last film as well for I moved to Japan shortly thereafter.

I just happened to come across its pamphlet while seeking out Countdown to Halloween goodies and it has some magnificent colour and B&W photos within.

By the way, this movie is in no way related to the Star Trek episode with the mechanical beastie Nomad called The Changeling.

Remaining with the Changeling theme, what would happen if Gloomy the Naughty Bear died and became an apparition?

Now we know.

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