I'm Getting Too Old For This Stuff.

I had three parties last night and ended up going home at 11:30, I didn't even make it to the Witching hour at midnight!

The first party took place after a grueling six hours of work teaching Halloween lessons all day (on only a few hours sleep thanks to the previous night's festivities.) Fortunately I didn't have to venture too far since it transpired at my place of employ. In my last lesson of the afternoon, while teaching about the histories of Halloween, Jack o' Lanterns and Trick or Treat, I applied my makeup. Remember my costume of Friday night? I debuted my Rorchach the night before but as no one had witnessed it, I could do an encore presentation. I went one step further this time and painted the inkblot on the mask directly upon my face. Rorchach freaked most everyone out and it was fairly hot cooped up in a wrapped around blotted-towel. SO before I made the toast, I raised the rag only to unveil its duplicate. Much laughter ensued...

Much to my delight, the students did a pretty good job of dressing up. As did most of the teachers though some were so lame-ass that it hardly seemed worth the effort. Kudoes go out to Peter Pan & Tinkerbell and to Jay's upside-down effort. Extreme kudoes go to Axel for his Heavy Meddling although because of him, I lost out on best costume.

We ate a bunch of snack foods and I drank a few weak chu-hais (who buys 3%?) and played a couple of games. A guess the name pinned on your back game and a team-drawn Michael Jackson and One Piece which were kind of fun.

Here are a few of the students taking the inkblot test...

These were my favourite costumes of the bunch. It is so subtle but I adore the alien the most.

As usual, Blogger is taking ages to upload and it's shuteye time. So the second party will have to wait until tomorrow.

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