Major Majo!

As part of Witchy Wednesdays, I came across 魔女っ子メグちゃん (Majokko Megu-chan or Little Meg the Witch Girl) which appears to be a story of a young witch, Megu and her trials and tribulations.

Pretty interesting and then I went searching for a full episode and all I could find are these snippets.

I detect a trend here...

Checking out Witchipedia, I find that the above trend was the norm and that this slightly naughty anime was a trend setter. "The series dealt with subject matter considered too mature for young children at the time. Complicated social issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse and extramarital relationships were introduced, while loss and mortality frequently underscored Megu’s hi-jinx."

There's no website in English, but if you click around this site you'll find lots of tidbits.

A Witch of a different sort is this bewitching Kitty-chan.

I'm a little under the weather, so I'll have to forego any other regular features until tomorrow.

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