Sinister Stepmother Sunday.

I found a copy of the Deluxe Two Disc Set of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for a couple of bucks and thought the spooky scenes from it would make a swell post for a sombre Sunday. I haven't seen this since the 60s and apart from the songs which I remember well and the highlights that were often rebroadcast, I had forgotten much of it. I didn't recall Doc as being spoonerific, Grumpy as such a redneck and Dopey seemed to be channelling Harpo via Alfred E. Newman. Shrek and other imitators have usurped these characters so that the originals have been neglected.

Without further ado, here are my favourite spooky scenes from 白雪姫 (Shirayuki-hime) or Snow White!

Unfortunately, it's taking ages to download any more pics, some aren't coming through at all and I'm way overdue for bed. So what you see is what you get.

There were several bonuses on the first disc including an amusing trivia game where you gather dwarfs as you ride through a mine shaft (in Japanese so it's a little tricky), "Someday your Prince will come" sung by Streisand, a tour hosted by Angela Lansbury. I haven't checked them all out, but on the extra disc there's Storyboards, Making of, Layouts and some Deleted Scenes such as this:

Another bonus was a Silly Symphony, so join us as a rather Satanic version of Hades kidnaps Persephone in The Goddess of Spring:

I found a copy of Snow White on the Interwebs for your perusal:

Before I retire, here are some icy Disney treats.

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