Nothing Is Scarier Than...

Intellectuals! Ooooh! Instead of tidying and getting all my blog posts ready for Countdown to Halloween, I've wasted the last several hours watching Qi. Now they claim that this episode (in 3 parts below) is spooky, but apart from some gruesome creatures and the mention of a Haunted House is not all that eerie.

Among the Qis are 4 NBC drinking glasses I caught at UFO Catcher. I think I lost 2 in the big quake but they're quite nice for drinking wine.

This unembeddable one is a little spookier, at least the opening bit is. The next two bits are embeddable.
The Curse of the Mummy is mentioned here, so what better time than to feature...Tutenkittychan on Mummy Mondays!

Here are some of the Gegege cards that I neglected to showcase yesterday.

If you listen to the second of those, you'll hear talk of the Hungarian Suicide Song which caused a hundred people to kill themselves. It is gloomy but with Billie singing Gloomy Sunday, how can anyone feel blue?

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The Frog Queen said...

You know that I LOVE your blog....now a Qi reference....you just might be my favorite. Thanks for sharing that!! You made my day!!!



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