Manic Mummy Mondays.

I found a book called ミイラのラムさん (Miira no Ramu-san= Mr. Ramu the Mummy??) which belongs to a series of Obake-books. It's pleasant little story with lots of monstrous members and a happy ending when two mummies mate. There are many illustrations, I'll only highlight the coloured ones...

Today's goodies are some Mickey Mummy Cupcakes that you'll have to follow the recipe and make yourself. It looks like a yummy mummy.

Several of the contributors to the Countdown to Halloween are paying tribute to Vincent Price in the Vincentennial anniversary of his birth. Today, I watched three of his...

The Abominable Dr. Phibes which can be considered the inspiration for the increasingly insipid SAW movies.

Dr. Phibes Rises again which I don't ever recall seeing before and is appropriate for today's post due to its Egyptian setting.

Theatre of Blood which I recall rather vividly from my youth, especially the demise of Robert Morley. I'd say that Vincent's Shakespearean acting is better than any of today's actors.

I'm hoping to find time to watch Witchfinder General and review it for Witchy Wednesday. Tomorrow, I think I'll do some catching up on Nightmare and Gegege stuff.

Ps. Happy Thanksgiving to Canada, Sports Day to Japan and Double 10s Day to Taiwan!!

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