Wampyre Wednesday.

I intended to post this last Wednesday but got sidetracked. I watched an extremely silly, not at all sexy or scary and though it had a few giggles, didn't have much amusement either. But if you're in the mood for "Shawn of the Dead-Lite" humour, then Lesbian Vampire Killers is for you. Is it about: Lesbians who kill Vampires? Lesbian Vampires who kill? Killers of Lesbian Vampires? Watch it to find out...

A far superior movie is Hammer's The Vampire Lovers with Peter Sellers' ex, Ingrid Pitt. Makes me want to go read Carmilla upon which its based. The Japanese translation is a little beyond my capabilities, but you can try カーミラ.

I was getting a little serious there for a moment, so it's back to some Japanese goofiness featuring a few members of Sentimental Circus in Trick or Treating garb.

Other Trick or Treaters include a couple of the Russian Rabbits, USAVICH.

No Vampires, Lesbian or otherwise, in this but it certainly is very odd!

I'll end with another plea for people to take some Kitty-Kreatures off my hands before they all are given away at Friday's party. Here is Karmilla-Kitty and two of her friends. (KITTY-KREATURE KONTEST RULES HERE.)

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