Wacky Witchy Wednesday.

Today on Witchy Wednesday, I have the privelege of introducing one of Japan's most prolific Kiddy-Litter authors.

角野 栄子 Kadono Eiko is the author of 魔女の宅急便 (Majo no Takkyūbin or Kiki's Delivery Service) in 1985 which was later adapted by Hiyao Miyazaki into his fourth animated masterpiece. Click around on the above link and you may see something of interest to you. Before it was translated into English, she wrote The Visible and Invisible Worlds which is a rather interesting dissertation on the link between the seen and the unseen in our lives.

I don't have any of her novels, though I did snap pics of one from a used book store I frequent. At these prices though, I wish now I'd picked it up.

Sendaiites are in for a trick or treat for she will be paying a visit to the Sendai Literature Museum for a book-signing & talk on the 22nd and there will be workshops over the next few weeks as well. Call 022-271-3020 for details or visit their website.

In further news, a live action film based on the books has been set for a 2011 release. I hope it does well.

Today's witch related snack just happens to be Consomme Popcorn in my name!

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